Release 0.8.0 and bug summary

On behalf of the entire Cwm team, I am proud to announce that Cwm 
release 0.8.0 was mode last Friday, 2004-07-09

We continue to be inspired to release early and often.

All changes listed below are  shamelessly copied from

changes since 0.7.3:

This release has some bug fixes, as well as some changed and new 

       General bug fixes

Cwm will now do the expected thing on log:uri if given an invalid URI 

An integer over the platforms native integer size will no longer crash Cwm.

Cwm now understands most xsd datatypes for use in builtins.

By setting the environment variable CWM_RDFLIB to 1, cwm will use rdflib 
to parse rdf/xml files. Note that this is unsupported, may break in the 
future, and requrires rdflib be installed. Rdflib supports some rdf 
features Cwm's parser does not, so this may be useful to you.

         BNodes scope changes

BNodes given names using the _: notation now have formula scope, not 
document scope.

         Release / Test changes

Cwm is now released in a new file, cwm.tar.gz, which, while being a 
fraction of the size of the old cwm.tgz, still includes a complete set 
of tests. It was discovered that Cwm was not actually running all of its 
tests. This has been fixed, and the tests have been split into tests 
guarenteed to work in the .tar.gz file (offline) and those which will not.

         N3QL support

N3QL support. Initial support for N3QL query language handling in cwm. 
command line looks like: cwm myKB.n3 --query=myquery.n3ql. Initial test 
case in swap/test/ql/detailed.tests

	N3 serialization changes

The default output form is @forAll, not this log:forAll, @forSome, not 
this log:forSome. Use --n3=v to force the old obsolete form for variable 
declations. The parser has for a long time and will for some time 
support both forms.

         Reification support

Reification, after being broken for almost a year, has been rewritten 
and is better than ever. The options, as always, are --reify and 
--dereify. The tests for this are now in. There is insufficient 
documentation for this feature, and it has not been completely tested, 
so there may yet be bugs in it. If there is demand for it, fixing the 
--flatten feature should be possible now.

         MIME type changes

Mime type for Notation3 switched to text/rdf+n3. This could be a major 
change. The application for application/n3 never seemed to get anywhere 
with IANA anyway. Text has the advantage that browsers will by default 
dispaly it, and N3 is designed to be readable. Downside is that if it 
not ASCII, then you must include the charset specification in the mime 
type. This must be UTF-8, and notation3 is always utf-8.

Yosi Scharf

Received on Monday, 12 July 2004 11:57:39 UTC