Some questios about digitalData

Hi there

I am trying to understand the way a user can build the digitalData object, 
since we have to parse the documents in order to find the information 
stored there.

In general, I understand the specification, but I have a few questions I 
would like you to help me understand:

In the specification, a few examples are used, and they give me the 
impression we can use multiple expressions to build the digitalObject 
across the document.. Instead of having the digitalObject definition in 
one single expression (using one single object literal), can we use 
different expressions (like my example below) to define digitalData?
Are we supposed to define digitalObject in the head? Can be spread across 
the document (body)?
Can we use variables to build values? Like "productURL": basePath + 'path'

digitalData = {
        page: {
                category: {
                        primaryCategory: 'SB03'
                pageInfo: {
                        effectiveDate: '2015-05-14',
                        expiryDate: '2017-12-18',
                        language: 'en-US',
                        ibm: {

.... {
        "synchronous": true

var basePath = '';

digitalData.product = [];
digitalData.product[0] = {
        productID: "testID",
        'productName': "testName",
        "productURL": basePath + 'path'

Thanks in advance

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Received on Friday, 18 September 2015 08:15:50 UTC