Floating Quotable Citations (FQC)

Dear all,

As part of an improvement drive for Wikisource.org, the free library and
part of the Wikimedia Foundation, we have been thinking of ways to improve
citations to our text materials and transclusions of the citations as
quotes into other websites (like Wikipedia). One of our biggest concern was
to provide a way to cite text without the need of setting anchors, for this
we developed a new text fragment selector and identification method that we
called Floating Quotable Citations (FQC). It is still on drafting phase and
there is no implementation yet.

The FQC system is based on using a paragraph identification code generated
with the first letter of the X first words of the paragraph (we estimate an
X between 5 and 15, needs testing), and then using paragraphs, sentences
and words as counting units. The method is explained on this slideshow:

And the draft v0.4 can be found here:

We would really appreciate feedback on this. I hope this group is the right
place to ask, our paths seem to be very close.

All the best,

Received on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 14:41:41 UTC