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Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2011 02:07:29 +0000
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Update of /sources/public/csswg/css3-lists
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Initial rewrite of the ::marker section.

Index: Overview.src.html
RCS file: /sources/public/csswg/css3-lists/Overview.src.html,v
retrieving revision 1.24
retrieving revision 1.25
diff -u -d -r1.24 -r1.25
--- Overview.src.html	4 Feb 2011 22:56:57 -0000	1.24
+++ Overview.src.html	5 Feb 2011 02:07:27 -0000	1.25
@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@
 <!-- ====================================================================== -->
-<h2>List Content: The 'list-style-type' property</h2>
+<h2 id=list-style-type-property>List Content: The 'list-style-type' property</h2>
 <table class="propdef">
@@ -656,7 +656,7 @@
 <!-- ====================================================================== -->
-<h2 id=list-style-image>List Content: The 'list-style-image' property</h2>
+<h2 id=list-style-image-property>List Content: The 'list-style-image' property</h2>
 <table class="propdef">
@@ -697,7 +697,7 @@
 <!-- ====================================================================== -->
-<h2>List Content: Generating the computed value of the 'content' property</h2>
+<h2 id=content-property>List Content: Generating the computed value of the 'content' property</h2>
 <p>If a ''::marker'' pseudo-element has its 'content' property set to ''normal'', the 
 following algorithm should be used to generate the computed value of the property.</p>
@@ -732,7 +732,7 @@
 <!-- ====================================================================== -->
-<h2>Marker Position: The 'list-style-position' property</h2>
+<h2 id=list-style-position-property>Marker Position: The 'list-style-position' property</h2>
 <table class="propdef">
@@ -763,7 +763,7 @@
-	<dd>The ''::marker'' pseudo-element is an inline element placed immediately
+	<dd>The ''::marker'' pseudo-element is an inline-block element placed immediately
 	before the ''::before'' pseudo-element in the list item's principle box, after 
 	which the element's content flows. Note that if there is no inline content, 
 	this will create a line box, just as content in an inline ''::before'' pseudo-element 
@@ -859,7 +859,7 @@
 <!-- ====================================================================== -->
-<h2>The 'list-style' shorthand property</h2>
+<h2 id=list-style-property>The 'list-style' shorthand property</h2>
 <table class="propdef">
@@ -974,55 +974,20 @@
 <!-- ====================================================================== -->
-<h2>Markers: The ''::marker'' pseudo-element</h2>
+<h2 id=marker-pseudoelement>Markers: The ''::marker'' pseudo-element</h2>
 <p>Markers are created by setting an element's 'display' property to
-''list-item. The ''list-item display type is, in every
-other respect, identical to the ''block'' display type.</p>
-<p>The marker box is only created if the computed value of the 'content' property for the pseudo-element is not 
-''inhibit''. The rest of this section discusses the details of the positioning of the
-marker box if it is positioned outside. For details on positioning the marker box when it is an
-inside list marker, see the section on 'list-style-position'.</p>
-<p>If the elements' 'list-style-position' property has the value ''outside'', 
-then the value of the element's ''::marker''
-pseudo-element's 'content' property is formatted in an independent
-marker box, outside the principal box. Marker boxes are formatted as an inline-block (i.e., they fit
-in one line box), so they are not as flexible as floats or absolutely positioned boxes.</p>
-<p>Marker boxes have padding, borders and margins, just like inline-block elements. The marker box
-will be vertically aligned with the first line of content in the principal box, as specified by the
-pseudo-element's 'vertical-align' property. The marker box
-participates in the height calculation of the principal box's first line box. Thus, markers are
-aligned with the first line of an element's content. If no first line box exists in a principal box,
-the marker box establishes its line box alone. (The first line of a principle box is the one matched
-by the box's '::first-line' pseudo-element.)</p>
-<p>The marker box is horizontally aligned with the start of the line box. Thus if a float intersects
-the element, moving the line box start, the marker box is moved as well. It is the responsibility of
-the author to ensure that sufficient margins are provided to prevent marker boxes overlapping with
-the floats. If the marker box is generating the line box, then it is aligned with the content area's
-start edge. The box model defines the properties 'float-displace' and
-'indent-edge-reset' to control how far line boxes are moved in the
-presence of floats.</p>
-<p>If the value of the 'width' property is ''auto'', the marker box content width 
-is that of the content, otherwise it is the value of 'width'. For values of 'width'
-less than the content width, the overflow is visible. The 'overflow'
-property does not apply. The 'text-align' property determines the
-horizontal alignment of the content in the marker box.</p>
-<p>Marker boxes may overlap principal boxes and other marker boxes. Overlap could happen for several
-reasons. If several nested elements without inline content all have marker boxes, for instance, or
-if a marker box has negative margins. Marker boxes are rendered at the same stack level as inline
-content of the principle box, as if it was the first box of the first line box.</p>
-<p class="note">The CSS2 'marker-offset' property is obsoleted in this
-model and has no effect. (It is replaced by the 'margin-right'
-property in left-to-right text, and the 'margin-left'
-property in right-to-left text.)</p>
+''list-item''. The ''list-item'' display type is, in every
+other respect, identical to the ''block'' display type.  The marker box is only 
+created if the computed value of the 'content' property for the pseudo-element 
+is not ''none''.</p>
+<p>Just like other generated content, markers generate a box when they're created,
+which has margins, border, padding, and everything else a box normally has.  Markers
+are placed at the beginning of their superior parent's content, immediately before
+a ''::before'' pseudo-element on the same superior parent.  Marker boxes are 
+inline-block by default, and so a value of ''auto'' for 'width'
+resolves to the width of the marker's content.</p>
 <div class="html-example">
 	<p>In the following example, the content is centered within a marker
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