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csswg/css3-layout Overview.src.html,1.11,1.12

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Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2011 10:09:55 +0000
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Update of /sources/public/csswg/css3-layout
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Log Message:
renamed 'fr' back to 'gr'. (That's the name defined in css3-values.) 
Removed the list of changes since April 2010 and started a new list
with changes since November 2011.

Index: Overview.src.html
RCS file: /sources/public/csswg/css3-layout/Overview.src.html,v
retrieving revision 1.11
retrieving revision 1.12
diff -u -d -r1.11 -r1.12
--- Overview.src.html	2 Dec 2011 09:39:19 -0000	1.11
+++ Overview.src.html	2 Dec 2011 10:09:53 -0000	1.12
@@ -1815,13 +1815,13 @@
   in the template (as defined <a href="#containing-block">above</a>).
-<h2 id=gr-unit>Definition of the ''fr'' unit in a template element</h2>
+<h2 id=gr-unit>Definition of the ''gr'' unit in a template element</h2>
-<p>The Grid Layout Module [[CSS3-GRID-LAYOUT]] defines a ''fr'' unit
-(for “<strong>fr</strong>action”) that
+<p>The CSS Values and Units Module [[!CSS3VAL]] defines a ''gr'' unit
+(for “<strong>gr</strong>id”) that
 is usable with certain properties that position or size boxes.
 A <em>template element</em> defines an <em>implicit grid</em> (in the
-terminology of that module) for use with the ''fr'' unit. The vertical
+terminology of that module) for use with the ''gr'' unit. The vertical
 grid lines are formed by the left and right content edges of the
 template element and by the edges between the columns of the template.
 The horizontal grid lines are formed by the top and bottom content
@@ -1845,8 +1845,8 @@
   position: f}
 #p1 {
   position: absolute;
-  top: 1fr;
-  left: 2fr}
+  top: 1gr;
+  left: 2gr}
 <p>and this document fragment
@@ -2228,19 +2228,13 @@
 <h2 id=changes>Changes</h2>
 <p>Summary of changes since 
-<a href="/TR/2010/WD-css3-layout-20100429/" >29 April 2010 draft:</a>
+<a href="/TR/2011/WD-css3-layout-20111129/" >29 November 2011 draft:</a>
-<li>Added the 'chains' property to create sequences of slots.
-<li>Added <a href="#slot-pseudo">region-based styling:</a> properties
-can be set on the part of an element that is inside a slot, different
-from the part that is in a different slot, using the 'slot()'
-<li>Added more properties that apply to a slot itself.
-<li>Digits are now allowed as names for slots (in addition to letters).
-<li>The  'gr' unit is renamed to 'fr' (see [[CSS3-GRID-LAYOUT]]).
-<li>List items and table elements can now also have templates.
-<li>Added some more issues and links to the issue tracker.
+<li>The 'fr' unit is renamed back to 'gr' (it is now defined in
+<li>Added a <a href="#accessibility">note about accessibility.</a>
 <h2 class="no-num" id="acknowledgments">Acknowledgments</h2>
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