from January 2017 by subject

[Bug 16328] Use of "containing block" does not match CSS2.1 definition

[Bug 17237] 'Module interactions' needs more information (editorial)

[Bug 17433] Term 'accumulated 3D transformation matrix' misleading

[Bug 22427] transform-style does not describe keywords

[Bug 23014] Backface-visibility cannot be tested by only looking at m33

[Bug 23015] Preserve-3d + backface visibility semantics need to be clarified

[Bug 26264] The <wbr> style should be along the lines of wbr::after { content: '\200B'; white-space: normal; }.

[Bug 26470] Clarify behavior for gradientTransform and patternTransform

[Bug 28000] Use UA style instead of prose to handle the exception of transform-origin for SVG

[Bug 28252] Overflow clipping should not always create stacking context

[Bug 28385] Follow current SVG behavior for transforms interaction with object bounding box units

[Bug 28631] Remove shadow piercing combinator

[Bug 29110] Incorrect description of order of multiple transform functions

[Bug 29413] Allow unitless 0 as a valid rotation value

[Bug 29417] rotate3d definition could be more explicit about normalization to unit vector

[Bug 29519] Consider specifying MouseEvent#toElement, fromElement

[Bug 29815] Variable `dot` not defined in interpolation of decomposed 3d matrix

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