[Bug 24115] Introduce CSS.isValidSelector()


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--- Comment #13 from Simon Pieters <simonp@opera.com> ---
Is there implementor interest for this right now? If so I'm happy to spec it

>From #css

<TabAtkins> zcorpan: I don't think anything in Houdini is trying to deal with
<TabAtkins> If you want this, we can just add a function somewhere.
<zcorpan> TabAtkins: not the parser API either?
<TabAtkins> We're not working on that *quite* yet, but even then, I'm not
planning on adding an isSelectorValid() function. At most, allowing you to
specify that something should be a selector, and then parse it as such.
<zcorpan> TabAtkins: yeah and "parse it as such" could tell you if it was valid
or not, no?
<TabAtkins> Indirectly I guess, sure.
<zcorpan> so then it would address the use case, is my point. but if parser API
is years off and people want this now, i suppose i should spec it
<TabAtkins> Yes.

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