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[Bug 29413] New: Allow unitless 0 as a valid rotation value (Sunday, 31 January)

[Bug 29410] New: Replace only reference to "call" in the spec (Sunday, 31 January)

[Bug 28930] "Let list be the result of invoking getClientRects..." (Sunday, 31 January)

[Bug 18026] Right-aligning a numeric table column is much more work than it should be (Wednesday, 27 January)

[Bug 16348] "CSS layout box" definition missing (Tuesday, 26 January)

[Bug 16348] "CSS layout box" definition missing (Friday, 22 January)

[Bug 29368] New: font-size, font-family listed as optional values to Font property (Tuesday, 12 January)

[Bug 17301] a "transitioncancel" event to listen for when a transition is removed before completion (Monday, 4 January)

[Bug 29319] "the element’s all descendant boxes" (Monday, 4 January)

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