[Bug 24748] An event to notify the page that we're about to scroll (e.g. because a node was focused)


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--- Comment #3 from Ian 'Hixie' Hickson <ian@hixie.ch> ---
I can take care of the canvas side of this the same way I do it for MouseEvent
(see "partial interface MouseEvent" in the HTML spec). I think we only need a
spec to say "when a user agent feels the need to scroll to a particular part of
the page, e.g. due to the user moving the focus or due to an accessibility tool
requesting a scroll to a specific element, the user agent must fire this event
and if it's not canceled must scroll to the element in question" (which then
fires a scroll event, of course). This would be distinct from regular scrolling
via the scrollbar, touch pan, or as the default action of a mouse wheel event.
Just make sure you use a new event type so that I can extend it.

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