[Bug 23603] should body.scrollTop/Left return an overflown body's scroll offset in both strict and quirks modes?


--- Comment #12 from Simon Pieters <simonp@opera.com> ---
If you want to scroll the viewport, use scrollX/Y on window directly.

The root element can't ever be scrolling because 'overflow' on the root element
propagates to the viewport.

The body element can be scrolling in both standards mode and quirks mode. I
think compat requires that these attributes operate on the viewport in quirks
mode when body itself is not scrollable. Body being scrollable is quite rare, I

With the proposal, if you are in quirks mode and body is scrollable, the
viewport and body are independent. Maybe it's clunky to find out if the body is
scrollable, though.

Do you have links to the jQuery UI bugs?

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