[Bug 23603] should body.scrollTop/Left return an overflown body's scroll offset in both strict and quirks modes?


--- Comment #10 from Mike Sherov <mike.sherov@gmail.com> ---
If I'm reading the spec and the proposal here correctly, it *seems* that quirks
mode has no non-buggy behavior, unless in quirks mode there is no way to scroll
the frame independently of the body. The same would go for standards mode,
unless there is no way to scroll the root element independently of the frame. 

I'm mobile at the moment, so excuse my lack of a link to a test case. In
theory, in quirks mode, a user can do this: body {height:120%;
overflow:scroll;}. There is then no way the user can determine the correct
scrollOffset, because you can't detect when the difference between both the
body and frame being independently scrolled vs. only the body being scrolled.

Again, the same would be true of standards mode and the root element unless
they can't be independently scrolled.

This surfaces as bugs in jQuery UI FWIW.

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