[Bug 23603] should body.scrollTop/Left return an overflown body's scroll offset in both strict and quirks modes?


--- Comment #2 from Antonio Gomes <tonikitoo@webkit.org> ---
(In reply to Antonio Gomes from comment #1)
> If Gecko's behavior is preferred, item (3) could get amended as:
> 3) If the element is the HTML body element, the Document is in quirks mode,
> *and the element has no associated scrolling box*, return the value of
> scrollY.
> likewise, scrollLeft would have to be changed, as well as the symmetric set
> operations (setting scrollTop and scrollLeft).

Tested on IE8 (old!) and the behavior is even more different:
- on quirks mode, IE does not respect the body's overflow:scroll property at
- on strict mode, it does, and creates "scrollable body" (not the
documentElement element). It then behaviors like Opera and Firefox, as far as I
can tell.

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