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[Bug 22844] New: What is the behaviour for high-DPI displays? (Wednesday, 31 July)

[Bug 22772] width, height, top, left attributes or properties that always work (Tuesday, 23 July)

[Bug 22766] document.width, document.height, etc available for cross-platform (Tuesday, 23 July)

[Bug 22769] New: insertRule() should parse generic qualified rules / at-rules further (Tuesday, 23 July)

[Bug 16112] Address security concern with automatic shape extractions for images (Friday, 19 July)

[Bug 16527] [Shadow]: getFlowByName and shadow DOM (Wednesday, 17 July)

[Bug 22662] New: (Saturday, 13 July)

[Bug 22632] New: Typo for backgrounds (Wednesday, 10 July)

[Bug 22617] New: NamedFlowCollection item and namedItem should return null (Tuesday, 9 July)

[Bug 14871] Should there be a feature detect if a shader fails to load (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 21984] Transform intermediate filter effect results (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 21612] Support child, child selector as CSS Masking (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 22583] New: Transitions between shorthand filters limited (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 22582] New: Shorthand filter apply on sRGB color space (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 22581] New: Do shorthand filters apply on premultiplied colors? (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 22580] New: Define subregions for shorthand filters (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 22579] New: blur() may support horizontal and vertical blur (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 22578] New: Reference security model of SVG Integration spec (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 22577] New: Should subregions clip input, output or both results? (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 16325] Add a attached keyword for mesh specification (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 19711] Add RelaxNG schema? (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 16838] Adding normal matrix to CSS shaders (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 21613] Allow filtering of background and borders (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 22345] 3d context (Thursday, 4 July)

[Bug 17812] :read-write should always apply to input elements if @readonly doesn't apply (Tuesday, 2 July)

[Bug 22528] New: The computedStyle attribute (Monday, 1 July)

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