[Bug 22772] width, height, top, left attributes or properties that always work


--- Comment #11 from Jim Michaels <jmichae3@yahoo.com> ---
I had a project (a coupld of times in fact) where I tried to reposition
elements based on another element's current position (usually relating to
layers, because elements in a layer don't flow starting from top of document
like I want it to). so to make a layers page work, I would have to reposition
all the elements with js. I thought I had mentioned this 2 or 3 times. that's
my use case. it's not possible to show you a working example because it's not
possible right now, because elements don't currently give out their absolute
position. and I am not sure you can do element shackling now unless you have
already given your existing elements a size and position to start with.

sorry for earlier comment, it's been a hard month, nothing has been working
right. everything I am using has a bug in it that prevents me from working.

let's see if I can drum up an example:

<div id="i1" style="z-index:1">hello<img src="abc.jpg" alt="abc">,
<tr><td>a</td><td id="i3"><img src="def.png" alt="def"></td><td>c</td></tr>

<div id="i2" style="z-index:2"
style="position:absolute;left:attr();">testing...<img src="abc.jpg"
alt="abc"></div><!-- position this element over the <td id="3"><img
src="def.png" alt="def"></td> -->

ooh - ouch. there is nothing currently in css to address a specific but
different id is there?
I had hoped you could do something like #i3.attr(width).  how do you get the
specific attr() of a specific element without getting all elements in css? I
need to see some examples before I can come up with any working code
without this I can't proceed. but it sure would be a nice thing to have!
I just read that css attr() currently (?) can't be addressed outside its own
element, if I am getting this right. that's unfortunate, some more
functionality that made css attr() addressable from other elements would make
it wonderfully functional.

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