[Bug 22772] width, height, top, left attributes or properties that always work


--- Comment #6 from Jim Michaels <jmichae3@yahoo.com> ---

currently, .getComputedStyle() is not available on all browsers. every browser
has its own method for accessing style via js.

for js, I agree there should be a consolidated method across browsers for
accessing style so our js code works cross-platform and is not multiplied in

what I was hoping for was something that could be accessed using style in js as
well as via

if DOM necessitates a naming clash (?) between the attribute name and the
style, then something will obviously have to be done (I know of nothing, but I
wonder, please confirm if using width, height, top, left as both attributes and
style would cause a problem). 

if .getComputedStyle() in js is a w3c recommendation as the common way to
get/set style, this is of interest to me. I would therefore expect the style to
be accessible through this. as for the attributes, they should be accessible
through .getAtribute() and .setAttribute() in js as normal. I would also expect
width, height, left, top to have a default value that is not blank and always
be usable in calc() and attr().

if you think this kind of functionality for width, left, top, height is best
served via other names for those style+attributes because current functionality
of web pages could be broken by the fact that someone might expect the the
existing width, left, top, height to have blank for a default, then I have
provided some alternative names in this report, such as 
elementWidth:Int32, READ/WRITE
elementHeight:Int32, read/write
elementAbsTop:Int32, READ/WRITE
elementAbsLeft:Int32, read/write
elWidth:Int32, READ/WRITE
elHeight:Int32, read/write
elAbsTop:Int32, READ/WRITE
elAbsLeft:Int32, read/write

where these values are in px.

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