[Bug 22479] "disabled flag" should look at media/alternate/etc


--- Comment #5 from Simon Pieters <simonp@opera.com> ---
We discussed this a bit in #whatwg and pondered about the idea of dropping
alternative stylesheets altogether.

# [22:14] <annevk> zcorpan: that API is kinda hopeless, nobody is really
# [22:14] <Hixie_> yeah, alternative style sheets in general have rather failed 
# [22:14] <zcorpan> maybe we should drop it  
# [22:15] <Hixie_> as much as it would pain me to agree, yeah  
# [22:15] <annevk> There's a lot of potential simplicity gain there  
# [22:15] <Hixie_> yeah  
# [22:15] <Hixie_> should see if mozilla would drop it  
# [22:15] <Hixie_> i think it's very sad that we'd remove it, but it is a lot
of complexity for something that virtually nobody uses  

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