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The two questions we want to ask ourselves is:

(1) let's suppose we want to use css regions inside a web components, do we
want to be able to use a flow name that's not accessible from the outside
document and do not conflict between multiple (possibly nested) instances of
the web component?

If the answer is "yes", which I believe, then named flows should be
layout-tree-relative, and a document & a shadow dom may not share flows. 

That means, however, that the only way to pour content from a document to
inside a web components will then be to put the document-hosted elements you
want to pour into the flow as descendant of the web components and to rely on
the Web Components <content select="..."> element to modify the position in the
layout-tree of those elements and bring them inside the shadow layout-tree.

(2) let's suppose we want to use css regions inside a document, do we want a
web component to be able to pour elements from the shadow tree in a
document-wide tree? how would those elements get reported by the different APIs
in such case ?

If the answer is yes, then we must find a way for a shadow subtree to intervene
in the document-wide world, and this may be related to previously noted issue
about selections. I believe a flag asking to flatten an element's shadow
sub-tree to its parent sub-tree would affect named flow behavior as well and
provide us with a solution for this specific case.

My tentative conclusion is that we want to specify (1) but may leave the door
open to (2) in the future, if the shadow dom spec allows to control the
layout-tree scope of a shadow tree.

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