[Bug 21718] xrefs are broken


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> (In reply to comment #1)
> > (1) should use 'widl-' not 'dom-' prefixes in title, refs, etc., when
> > referring to cssom related idl defined terms; 'dom-' is reserved for DOM-4
> > related interfaces;
> No, dom- is used in various specs (e.g. HTML), not just the DOM spec. I'd
> prefer to use the dom- naming convention.

I disagree. I didn't invent the widl- prefix either. It is used by all
documents created using respec.js, such as those in the WebApps WG and other
WGs. It provides a more useful term that is neutral of the defining spec. If we
were to change it, then cssom- would be more appropriate that dom-.

We no longer use the term DOM to describe the CSSOM et al functionality, so it
isn't necessary or even appropriate to do so. As for the HTML spec, it is
clearly defining the HTML DOM, so it isn't inappropriate to use the dom- prefix
in that context.

Finally, nothing about anolis or pub tools relies on using one prefix versus

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