[Bug 19505] Describe visual direction when document encoding is iso-8859-8


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fantasai wrote:
> The one thing you can't simulate that way is the interaction with actual
> Unicode bidi control codes: those are ignored/treated as invisible neutral
> characters afaict.

Well, we are talking about pages encoded with iso-8859-8, a code page which
does not include Unicode bidi control characters except LRM and RLM, and those
interact just like regular characters.
It is still possible to generate other Unicode control characters using NCRs
like &#x202B, but pages encoded with iso-8859-8 containing such NCRs would be a
nonsense. The "raison d'ĂȘtre" of visual pages is to run on systems without bidi
support. With no bidi support, there is no motive for the author to use any
Unicode directional control character.
I expect that there are no such pages whatsoever. Even if there were, it would
not be worth introducing a new feature to take care of such sickly cases.

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