[Bug 19904] New: DomStringList return type of styleSheetSets


          Priority: P2
            Bug ID: 19904
          Assignee: glenn@skynav.com
           Summary: DomStringList return type of styleSheetSets
        QA Contact: public-css-bugzilla@w3.org
          Severity: normal
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: Windows NT
          Reporter: svitlant@microsoft.com
          Hardware: PC
            Status: NEW
           Version: unspecified
         Component: CSSOM
           Product: CSS


According to the latest DOMCore specification, the DomStringList type is going
away (http://dom.spec.whatwg.org/#interface-domstringlist). Could you, please,
clarify what return type should be used for the return value of

Additionally, is it possible to explicitly state whether the returned
collection is supposed to be live or not?


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Received on Thursday, 8 November 2012 01:43:22 UTC