[Bug 19882] @charset rule logic is not case insensitive & should state ASCII interpretation for clarity


--- Comment #4 from Zack Weinberg <zackw@panix.com> ---
@charset "utf-8";    yes
@CHARSET "utf-8";    no
@ChArSeT "utf-8";    no
@cHaRsEt "utf-8";    no

@charset"utf-8";     yes
@charset  "utf-8";   no
@charset\9"utf-8";   no
@charset\A"utf-8";   no
@charset\C"utf-8";   no
@charset\D"utf-8";   no
@charset "utf-8" ;   no
 @charset "utf-8";   no

@charset 'utf-8';    no

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