[Bug 17121] Need to introduce the concept of a "formatting context" for forwards compatibility


--- Comment #3 from Anton P <antonsforums@yahoo.co.uk> 2012-05-20 14:51:17 UTC ---
Alex Mogilevsky has a counter-proposal.

Conversation begins:

He argues that it's frustrating to have to define new formatting contexts in
specs using wording along the lines of "they're pretty much like a BFC but
involving box types other than block level". He observers that the term BFC is
very rarely used to refer to specific layout type; rather, it is primarily used
to refer to an independent layout container that margins don't collapse through
and floats don't intrude into.

Instead of introducing "flexbox formatting context", "grid formatting context",
etc, he suggests that the term BFC should simply be used to refer to lack of
margin collapsing and float wrapping.

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