Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-counter-style] overriding symbolic counter styles. (#3584)

If we resolve for this proposal, becomes a non issue; the special formatting for `disc`, `circle` and `square` is baked in and we don't need to make any decisions about how they're rendered when `font-family` is changed in `::marker` That's a good thing, so I'm +1 for `disc`, `circle`, `square`.

The disclosures I'm less sure on; first because we don't have the legacy issues we do with the other three, but mainly because the special handling that comes with `disclosure-closed` (the glyph changes in RTL contexts) isn't available with any other counter style. So an author that needs this functionality must use these counter styles, and is stuck with whatever glyphs the UA chooses (but on the plus side, goes away completely). So I'm neutral for these two. 

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