Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-contain] Should there be a new syntax for establishing queryable containers? (#6174)

@una / @eeeps I think it the html element/attribute discussion likely deserves a separate issue – if one of you wants to open that? I think it's useful to consider, but doesn't directly impact the CSS syntax questions here.

I like the idea of being explicit (eg `query-target`) but we need a way to extend that out for different types of query-targets:

- to query both dimensions of the target: we need to apply layout, style, and 2d size containment
- to query one dimension: we need to apply layout, style and 1d (inline or block) size containment
- non-dimensional queries (being discussed in #5989) might have slightly different requirements (or might not require containment at all, just a syntax for establishing a target that can be queried)
I would hope that any solution we land on can be easily extended, as I expect there will be more interesting container queries down the road that we haven't considered yet.

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