Re: [csswg-drafts] [mediaqueries-5] Remove (prefers-contrast) as a boolean, and replaced by a new color reduction media query (#6036)

Reading and thinking through this again, I realize that my main objection in #5433 was specifically about the `forced` value - it seems confusing to authors, is redundant with `forced-colors: active`, and it is unclear what action they should take. However, to the extent that forced colors maps to a contrast preference on the extremes, it seems to logically follow that it should also map to a contrast preference for a forced color scheme that is not particularly high nor low contrast.

Proposal: add a `middle` value to `prefers-contrast` (following @alisonmaher's suggestion above), which would match when the less and more thresholds are not exceeded in forced colors. This also allows for the expression of a user saying they prefer neither high nor low contrast (assuming some eventual UI affordance would expose this), which is different than having *no* preference.

@cookiecrook would you have any objections to adding a `middle` value?

@tabatkins @frivoal - any further thoughts on this?

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