Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] Proposal to extend CSS font-optical-sizing (#4430)

@Lorp in your [May 12 proposal](  am I correctly understanding that you are proposing **no changes to all current browser implementations**? 

Assuming so, I think there's 2 things to do. 

First, I think @litherum 's [issue 1102532 on the Chromium bug tracker](, proposing Chromium use CSS pt on Windows instead of px, be closed as "WAI". (While @litherum chose to make Webkit/Safari on macOS apply `opsz` consistently with native macOS apps rendered directly with Cocoa/CoreText, it makes sense to me that cross platform browsers like Chromium will choose cross platform consistency over matching local platforms.)

Second, I now advocate updating the OpenType spec to document what is actually implemented. @Lorp put it concisely:

> * opsz = font-size in px for screen media
> * opsz = font-size in pt for print media

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