Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text] text-align: match-parent on the root element with direction: rtl doesn't match browsers (#6542)

> Is my reading of the spec correct?

I think so.

> Should the spec be changed to side with either Firefox or Safari/Chrome?

Is there any particular reason it would be difficult to fix the browsers? From a theoretical / author point of view, the specified behavior makes more sense, so I'd rather not give up on it too easily.

> Also, the spec only says that the computed value is "either left or right", which doesn't say which value to use. I assume a mapping where direction: ltr -> left and direction: rtl -> right, but the spec should say so explicitly.

Isn't this clear enough:
> …start or end is interpreted against the parent’s (or the initial containing block’s, if there is no parent) direction value and results in a computed value of either left or right.

Especially given that clicking through the definitions of start and end to [css-writing-modes]( will tell you this about `start`:
> The side from which text of the inline base direction would start. For boxes with a used direction value of ltr, this means the line-left side. For boxes with a used direction value of rtl, this means the line-right side. 

and this about `end`:

> The side opposite start.

I don't mind clarifying if it's not, but I'd rather avoid redundant normative text, and it does seem clear to me already.

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