Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-4][css-nesting] Nesting of @supports inside @font-face (#6520)

In [this branch]( I drafted an edit to [css-conditional-4](, carrying over the syntax from [fonts-4's - Parsing the source descriptor](, an excerpt from that draft (feel free to comment on the [commit]( directly as well):

<supports-feature> = <supports-selector-fn> | <supports-font-technology-fn> | <supports-decl>
<supports-selector-fn> = selector( <complex-selector> )
<supports-font-technology-fn> = font-technology ( <font-technology> )
<font-technology> = [ features( <font-feature-technology> ) | variations
                    | color( <color-font-technology> ) | palettes | incremental ]
<font-feature-technology> = [ opentype | aat | graphite]
<color-font-technology> = [ COLRv0 | COLRv1 | SVG | sbix | CBDT ]


* I did not add a repetition operator _#_ after `<font-technology>` in the `<supports-font-technology-fn>` rule as required combinations of technologies can be expressed through `and` and `or` of the `@supports` syntax, which I consider an improvement over the syntax in the fonts spec.

I'd be very happy if in tomorrow's meeting we could attempt to resolve towards a direction of the syntax along those lines (feedback very welcome), in addition to the general aim to resolve adding the criteria to the `@supports` rule.

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