Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-overscroll] the target of overscroll-behavior should be scrolling box instead of scroll container? (#6523)

When I opened this issue, I was naively thinking all not-scrolling-box should not respect overscroll-behavior properties.  That said, I think now, in the case of viewports things are a bit more complicated.

So for example, if the top level content document specifies `overscroll-behavior: none`, I am pretty sure such sites want to implement their own reload contents feature when the user swipe down the content or something like that. But if the document doesn't have enough contents to make it scrollable (i.e. make it a scrolling box), the site still wants to reload by swiping down? I am pretty sure it does.

Also note that if another website embeds such sites in iframes, users expect the embedded sites not to capture the swipe gestures, instead the users want to scroll the outer document if the embedded documents are not scrollable at all.

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