Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-4][css-nesting] Nesting of @supports inside @font-face (#6520)

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I'll investigate what that would entail from an implementation point of view (complexity, overhead) and comment once I have some findings.

One consideration from a readability point of view: If we introduce such a @supports clause, we will have both mechanisms: a list of entries in the `src:` descriptor (for example multiple `url()` entries potentially then "legacy" `format("...")` specifiers (with its own semantics of choosing the first compatible one from this list)   _and_ potentially multiple `src:` descriptors conditional on `@supports` blocks in the same `@font-face` rule, which I personally do not find great for consistency or readability. In other words, we would change the primary paradigm for `src:` selection to the @supports syntax but would still need to keep compatibility with the current approach of traversing list of entries.

> * It skips the [parsing weirdness for `src`]( that this microsyntax has introduced

FWIW, the "parsing weirdness" may be considered addressed or improved with the [most recent change]( which references the CSS syntax spec for [parsing a comma separated list of components](

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