Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-scrollbars][use-case] Real world product usage (#1969)

Note also that, while it *is* possible for authors write something user-hostile like `scrollbar-color: black black`, that's also *obviously user-hostile* to the author. It's not something they'd write as an intended, useful effect on one platform that *just happens* to be inaccessible on another platform; it'll ruin the scrollbar's usability on ~approximately every platform.

Intentional, obvious possibility of user harm usually isn't a concern; authors can today write `* { color: white !important; background: white !important; }` and ruin their pages as well, and we're not trying to stop them from doing so. *Accidental, platform-specific* possibility of user harm is concerning, because a well-meaning author who just isn't testing very widely can write what looks like good code, and still harm users.

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