Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-adjust-1] Is forced background-color computed or used value? (#4915)

Given the resolutions to adopt @FremyCompany's proposals in #4915, I would like to re-open this issue (see

The concept we adopted in #4178 was to treat non-system colors as “out of gamut”, effectively. Mapping out-of-gamut colors is a used-value time operation, not a computed-value time operation. There's an added benefit to making this a used-value time operation: it also makes the question of transitions and interpolation (see #5419) go away. So my proposal is that we go with making this a used-value time operation rather than a computed-value time operation.

Next question is, should we do the same for the other affected properties (which are not color properties) and force their used values to the initial value, instead of their computed values?

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