Re: [csswg-drafts] @font-face overrides for superscript/subscript metrics (#5518)

@kojiishi Yes, in we resolved that css-inline-3 would allow the UA to use the font metrics for the sub/super positions. There was also an additional resolution to define the hard-coded values for the cases where the UA is not using font metrics so that we can have interop. Using font metrics is optional because of concerns about back-compat and whether the metrics are reliable; but if the author is providing them explicitly in an @font-face rule, neither of those concerns applies anymore so we should use the author's explicit metrics.

I think it's important for `font-variant-position` and `vertical-align` to agree on where the superscript/subscript baseline is so that superscripts/subscripts are positioned consistently even in cases where `font-variant-position` isn't powerful enough to position them and the author has to use `vertical-align` to do it.

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