Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-adjust] Clarify expectations re forced-color mode, system colors, and transitions (#5419)

Yeah sorry, I could've made this clearer. It was a hypothetical in which in script, whenever the parent's background changed, we would update the child's background to match. In each of the three cases above, we were updating the parent's background color and determining if we should trigger a transition on the child (given the child would be updated to match).

But I guess this could just be simplified to:

`<div style="background: black; transition: 3s;"></div>`

1) If `forced-color-adjust` is `auto`, and we change the  `background-color` to `white`, we wouldn't trigger a transition because the background remains the same color.
2) If `forced-color-adjust` is set to `none`, and we change the `background-color` to `white`, we would trigger a transition.
3) If case 1 happens again, and then we change the value of `forced-color-adjust` to `none`, should we trigger a transition or not?

After simplifying, I suppose the third case isn't that ambiguous after all given the [current proposal]( It sounds like in this case, if we change the value of `forced-color-adjust` from `auto` to `none` after the color was set to `white`, we wouldn't trigger a transition since at that point, the color would be updating from a forced value to a non-forced value.

Given this, the current proposal makes more sense to me now, so I'd be on board with that approach.

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