Re: [csswg-drafts] @font-face overrides for superscript/subscript metrics (#5518)

As I understand it from re-reading the notes from last week (*), the motivation for superscript/subscript is that font metrics in font files are often wrong (whereas for some of the other font metrics overrides, it's an issue of lack of interop across browsers, or a desire to minimize layout shifts during WebFont loading.

If it's just that font metrics in font files are often wrong, would it make more sense to get the fonts themselves fixed rather than adding developer workarounds? Are there certain cases where it is impractical to ever get the fonts fixed?

(*) Snippets:

 fantasai: Briefly, font has metrics on amount to shift up/down for
            super/subscript and says what size as function of font
            size. If font provides a glyph it's supposed to provide
            ones that match. If you don't have glyph UA can synthesize
            by resizing. In order to get that to match you need
            metrics and a lot of fonts don't have
  chrishtr: Is there difference between OS and browsers?
  fantasai: No, font metrics are frequently wrong
  <fantasai> chrishtr, see example in
  Rossen: This is very much related but I would prefer we open a new
          issue where more thought can be given. fantasai can you open
  fantasai: Yep

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