Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] Proposal to extend CSS font-optical-sizing (#4430)

_Sidenote_: I find it troubling that we on this list are discussing a significant new variable in specifying type without all the data that we need, and almost certainly without a good understanding of the compromises involved. The new variable in question, Optical Size, depends for its effectiveness on a “real points to OS points” scale factor, which varies according to device, and which we are supposed to take on trust, i.e. we must apparently trust that OS and device vendors have determined it impeccably, everywhere, and without compromise. (BTW I don’t know why @tiroj states Apple is “performing this calculation once for all” when the scale factor varies on their platforms as it does on Microsoft and Android devices.)

Professionally, as an independent consultant with an interest in a beneficial outcome but without resources to compile such data myself, I feel obliged to request that major OS and device vendors — at least Apple, Google and Microsoft whose representatives are here and could push for this internally — compile and publish these scale factors, and also publish any complications and compromises known to be involved (e.g. inconsistent viewing distances for iPad; size adjustments for environments with subsecond attention spans such as automotive). I didn’t want to single you out, @litherum, but you sometimes seem to deny these various scale factors exist, which is problematic.

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