Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-pseudo] Which properties to reset in ::marker (#4568)

> (we should) define the layout model for outside markers, 

Very strongly agree with this. ::marker is implemented by Gecko, our engine, PrinceXML, PDFReactor's RealObjects, Antenna House Formatter and Weazyprint - those are the ones I'm aware of. Every one of these has had to guess at the layout rules because they're not properly defined.

I also agree with Mats that it's easy: we do _largely_ what he describes in #3771 (specifically: remove newlines; lay out as if it were an inline-block in infinite available space so content is necessarily on a single line; align inline border box with list-item and block align as if it were on first formatted line of list-item; markers do not interact with floats and may overlap).

However as we all know, the devil is in those details (Gecko trims all trailing whitespace; we don't, Prince doesn't. Prince allows newlines; we don't, Gecko doesn't. Prince adds `text-align: end`; we don't, not testable in Gecko as width can't be set). Incompatibilities are only going to get worse this longer this is left. I'd hope this issue is a sticking plaster until ::marker layout is fully defined.

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