Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-contain-2] Combination of shortcuts and values (#5506)

Hm, indeed.

I think the example is useful - being able to say "everything that `strict` does, plus `style` containment" seems reasonable, which is presumably why I wrote the example that way in the first place. ^_^

So I'm inclined to allow combination. Further questions, then:

* do we want to be strict about combining the shorthands *only* with additional values? That is, would `strict size` be valid (equivalent to just `strict`) or invalid? I'm inclined to say it's fine, but I could go either way. Saying it's invalid is *slightly* annoying to specify in the grammar, but not too bad.
* if we rule that the previous question is "it's valid", is it okay to repeat the same keyword, like `size size`? I'm inclined to say no, that's a clearer error.

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