Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-4] Conversion precision for hue in LCH model creates false results (#5309)

So this requires three spec changes:

1. Define that <hue> can include the value NaN. Currently, `hue` is defined as part of HSL, and LCH points to that which is problematic due to the angles mapping differently in the two systems. I plan to beak out `hue` into a separate section, which both HSL and LCH can point to; put the general stuff in there, and the per-colorspace specific stuff stays assocated withthe colorspace is belongs to.

2. Define how NaN hues get serialized. This will be part of the new Color OM section, moved from CSS OM.

3. Define how interpolation works if one or both hues are NaN. This would fit well in the existing [CSS Color 5 section on hue interpolation](

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