Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-4] sRGB doesn't really use 80 cd/m^2 white luminance (#3435)

> Is there a clear spec / description somewhere of exactly what level devices set with automatic brightness adjustment turned on?

Hi Jacob @jrus,

The standard for 20% ambient to white aka 5x ambient is a lot of places as a view condition: ITU, SMTPE, ICC, IEC..

### The "Crazy Complete One":
If you don't have a copy your might like the ICDM displays standard,, it's a free download and it's over 500 pages.

It covers everything but I didn't see auto adjustment.... I'll have to dig but I know there have been some research papers out of Samsung and others... but I'm not aware of a specific standard, and considering that devices with automatic brightness also have a luminance level control that is very easy for the user to adjust, and screen technologies with massively different peak white capabilities, not too sure there is much potential for a standard, other than what each manufacturer is doing to out do the other...

Then the question is, is there a useful API... or a not useful one...


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