Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-4] Transfer function for ProPhoto RGB (#5229)

Adobe ICC profiles for RGB spaces by and large use the simple exponent method and not the piecewise, and this includes their profiles for sRGB and Rec709 that ship with AfterEffects. 

As a side note, ProPhoto is pretty useless for 8bit RGB, the ∆E errors are substantial. Even 10bit is not enough, though 15 or 16 is okay. The only "real" use case for it is being able to edit images destined for 4+ color printing while remaining in an RGB space. Hence the 1.8 gamma and the D50 wp.  

When doing pre-press, editing images in CMYK is gruesome — ProPhoto alleviates much of that. But ProPhoto is a **terrible** colorspace for many common use cases such as images for display on RGB monitors or for cinema/video applications — **_ProPhoto is a really bad workflow choice_** for those. 

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