Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-values-4] Add vhc value (#4329)

That was a very long post which not everyone will want or have the time to read, so let me try to capture it in a nutshell:

The key thing I am unhappy about is that design of the hiding address bar feature combined with the way scroll works on mobile browsers means that, for mobile browsers only, sites using `vh` and `flexbox` [like this]( will have an important part of the viewport cut off for for pretty much the user's whole journey with the page. They only get to see and interact with the whole thing if they scroll right to the very end of the scrollable content and then some.

So, what I'd ideally like:

* I'd like mobile browsers to change their design so that the whole viewport (i.e. all 100vh of it) is visible most, if not all of the time. For my example above, that means that the user should not be required to scroll to the bottom of the scrollable content to reveal the full viewport. Some other mechanism is needed. Some ideas for how to achieve this are above.
* When I have a filed bug relating to this, I have been told [WONT FIX]( with a link to this issue. So, I'd like a clear statement from here that any browser design that results in the some of the defined viewport being cut off pretty much all of the time, and thus resulting in a different experience across desktop and mobile, is non-standard conforming and needs to be fixed. Breaking websites in such a way should not be an accepted outcome of this proposal.

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