Re: [csswg-drafts] Let’s Define CSS 4 (#4770)

> "aspect-ratio was added in CSS2020" than "I think aspect-ratio is supported in most browsers now?"

These are not mutually exclusive. Many ES features are available early, and some ES features of previous years are not yet available. "Modules are ES2015" didn't mean that they were available in 2015. It took several years to get them in all browsers. Tail call optimization is ES2015 and it's not available anywhere. Before switching to Chromium, Edge was missing a lot of well-known symbols introduced in ES2015.

So using "ES does it!" as an argument doesn't really make CSS2021 sound good at all.

If you want to be up-to-date with CSS, having a trailing year or a trailing version number in the standard name won't matter to you. Naming it "CSS Color Module Level 4" at least doesn't bring a false promise of a year. With ES, you still wait for the actual announcement from browsers to tell you that a ES2021 is available; you don't check the calendar to see if you can use something. With CSS you do the same.

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