Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-values] Ability to address actual physical size (#614)

> It also requires zero spec changes, right?


> And, if that non-spec-changing technique is really a solution, then isn't there a plain case for a unit-scale-adjust property

Not really.  The use-case here is *not* "scale every single length in the page to match physical dimensions", it's "scale these particular lengths to match physical dimensions, so users can measure real-world things against the screen". So it's absolutely a targeted operation, on particular lengths that only the page author can identify.

> but your unit-scale-adjust property you're suggesting would still be dependent on the browser being able to get the accurate adjustment from the OS

No, they were talking about just adapting my variable-based suggestion into an official property; it would default to `1` and the user could set it as needed to scale the physical lengths up or down.

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