Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-inline] Arabic drop-caps (#2399)

Got an iOS screenshot I got from my friend... so it does look like Safari is breaking the connection on both sides.

That said, using the correct connecting form between the second part of the word and the initial letter seems to me would be more readable than actually breaking this connection. Similar concept to how Latin drop-caps kern in the rest of the first word into the drop-cap, to help maintain a clearer connection between the first letter and the rest of its word.

I also understand that using isolated form for a drop-cap just looks a lot better; that's probably why it's more common per @shervinafshar and @sahafshar’s comments.

So basically we have three options here:
- Break the connection on both sides: isolated form drop-cap, initial form rest of the word.
- Connect both sides: Initial form drop-cap, connected (medial) form rest of the word.
- Split model: Isolate drop-cap, connected (medial) form rest of the word.

I think the third option is actually the best one. Curious to hear what native users of the writing system think.

Here's a mockup of all three options, for reference:

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