Re: [csswg-drafts] [dialog element] <dialog> positioning should be describable in CSS (#4645)

So the current thing is pretty weird. As far as I can tell, fixed dialogs are not an issue, but abspos dialogs somehow depend on the current root scroll position from where the dialog is open.

Implementing this in the layout engine itself is pretty unfortunate IMHO. Also the current specified behavior of repositioning whenever the viewport size changes has some pretty weird effects in presence of scrolling. (You position the dialog, scroll down so that the dialog is out of view, resize the window and the dialog is back up again, that looks borked).

Can we discuss alternatives?

 * Either snapshot the state in the DOM, and make DOM read the scroll position from `showModal()` and maybe react to resizes and such. Probably such a declaration would be inserted in the presentational hints level in the cascade, so that authors can override it.

 * Maybe, instead, make dialogs have something like `max-height: 100vh`, and force them to be scrollable? That makes fixed-positioned dialogs more sound / appealing. I need to admit I'm not sure what the usecase for an absolutely positioned dialog is in the first place, that's not how any other dialog like OS dialogs work, afaict.

@smfr I wonder what your thoughts on this are?

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Received on Thursday, 28 May 2020 20:22:54 UTC