Re: [csswg-drafts] Versioning policy and backwards incompatible changes (#5114)

> What's the disadvantage of doing this for all levels/modules?

I think we should generally do that to the level N module when the N+1 module reaches REC (or if the featureset of level N has been rearranged into multiple modules at N+1, when all these modules reach REC). Until then, as @fantasai said:

> In the rare cases where there's a change from what was specced previously, we go back and make sure the older spec is compatible with the future spec.

For CSS2, that means we cannot declare it as superseded just yet, because not all its parts have a Level 3 module, and not all its level 3 replacements are REC yet. Hopefully we'll get there eventually, and as @tabatkins says, even if this isn't done, we're getting closer.

For Level 3 specs, the same logic applies, but since we don't yet have any level 4 REC, we cannot retire any of them just yet either. But in due time, I expect us to. My guess would be that css-cascade may be the first to get there.

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