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== [css-scroll-snap] Snap needed on snap-overflow ==
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When snapping to items that are larger than the viewport, the spec declares that the user must be able to freely scroll while the edges of the item do not yet meet the edges of the scroll container. See https://www.w3.org/TR/css-scroll-snap-1/#snap-overflow for details.

But what happens when you always want to snap to the first edge of the panel, regardless of the direction the user is scrolling in?

To clarify:
- Snap to top when a user scrolls down
- Snap to bottom to user scroll up

In my opinion, this calls for new values on `scroll-snap-align`:
- `nearest-edge`
- `farthest-edge`


Demo of the problem:
- https://codepen.io/guidobouman/pen/BxmRJw

Expected behaviour:
- https://panelsnap.com/demos/basic/
- https://panelsnap.com/demos/horizontal/

Disclaimer: I'm the author of PanelSnap

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