Re: [csswg-drafts] Versioning policy and backwards incompatible changes (#5114)

> To me this strongly implies we view support for each level as meaningful. 

Yeah, that's some really funky text. It doesn't match the reality of how the WG treats its specs (or how any of the *consumers* of the specs - browsers, authors, etc - treat them). It should be fixed.

> As a meta point: that the fairly new editor of CSS2 disagrees with others about what the WG policy is on maintaining older versions of spec text is says something about the WG, and it isn't good.

Granted, tho I'll note that in practice it isn't a big deal for almost anyone; everyone just looks at the latest spec that defines something and gets by fine with that. ^_^  You're in a pretty particular position where the precise semantics here do sorta matter.

But still, yeah, valid point.

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