Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] Proposal to extend CSS font-optical-sizing (#4430)

In @lorp's OP here, he wrote,

> `font-optical-sizing: auto;` use the font-optical-sizing ratio defined in the user agent stylesheet

@arrowtype :

> Print-based applications set type in points, and this probably won’t change. Certainly, average word processors won’t add a choice of pt/px units, because average users would be perplexed by this. Further, professional designers are extremely unlikely to change their font sizes to px. So, simply changing opsz to px without a way to make this work in print would be bad for these users.

The consequence of updating OT opsz from pt to px for the print-focused applications that use pt, would be that the app should have to convert px to pt, and not require users to do it by hand all the time. 

Afterall, since we are talking only about applications which auto-apply opsz, then those applications must have some equivalent to a "user agent stylesheet," even if it is just their code that says `$TEXT_SIZE_VALUE == $OPSZ_VALUE` and now has to say `$TEXT_SIZE_VALUE == $OPSZ_VALUE * 1.25`

So, average word processors don't need to add a choice of pt/px units, and average users don't have to do anything – and if the OT spec is NOT updated, then the average users WILL be perplexed by hugely inconsistent font styles.

Similarly, professional designers don't change their font sizes to px and remain in pt. 

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